About Me

Hi, I’m Katie, a 20 year old student from the Wirral (near Liverpool) who is currently studying at Newcastle University. As a kid I always longed for a career in fashion, music, food or film but as I grew up I realised I had no talent so decided to start writing about the people that did.


Fun Facts

  1. I started blogging because I felt like it was mean to subject my housemates to endless rants and sarcasm when I could in fact be inflicting that pain on the whole of the internet instead. I was tired of editors always telling me I had to be positive in my reviews. Positivity often isn’t amusing.
  2. I play Ultimate Frisbee, sometimes for Great Britain. It sounds awful but it’s pretty fun, if you like driving to a different city every weekend and throwing around piece of plastic, which incidentally I do. Or at least I like the people I do it with.
  3. I’m the laziest international athlete you will ever meet. My diets last around 3 days and I attend approximately 12% of my planned gym sessions. My coaches love me.
  4. I don’t like sad or scary movies. Sad and scared are both negative emotions and I have no idea why people make themselves feel that way on purpose.
  5. Travelling will always be at the top of my priorities.
  6. I’m a horrendous cook. My idea of a gourmet meal is turkey dinosaurs and smiley faces and I’m pretty damn good at making it.
Great Britain U20 Women at the World Championships, 2012
Me (#52) with Great Britain U20 Women at the World Championships, 2012.

Contact Me!

Twitter: @MumTaughtMeFash

Instagram: Mumtaughtmefashion

BlogLovin: Mum Taught Me Fashion

I’m always happy to talk to brands and bloggers about collaborations and PR opportunities. Just email me any request, questions or if you just want a chat: katieackerley95@googlemail.com

Katie x

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