All the reasons to choose women’s loafers

The women are shoes which, in their apparent simplicity hides interesting features and a history as fascinating as their appearance. Also known by the name of penny loafers – this is their name in English – they have a history of almost a century behind them, but it is only recently that they have regained the title of must have in the shoe racks of girls and women of all the ages.

Indeed, walking down the street in the city or in the seaside resorts, it is not difficult to come across ladies and teenagers with these shoes on.

Why are moccasins so popular?

The reasons for the success of women’s leather moccasins are many, starting with their versatility: it is certain that they are footwear that make comfort their flagship, without compromising their glamorous appearance.

Women’s flat loafers can be considered accessories that you cannot do without if you want to show off a look that is both sophisticated and sporty at the same time: widespread on a large scale and consecrated among the most diverse population groups, they are offered on the market in a variety almost infinite in declinations, to the point that it is almost difficult to find your way around the many solutions and choose the ones you are most interested in.

How to wear moccasins

As versatile as they are, women’s flat loafers must be worn only if certain style rules are respected: obviously these are not mandatory rules, but advice that is worth taking into consideration.

These shoes have the advantage of being able to be perfectly combined with different outfits, but it should be borne in mind that – like the dancers – they are unable to slim the figure too much. In particular, girls characterized by a not very slim figure should opt for models that have a wedge, even if small, or in any case a revisited heel.

The combinations

But how can and should comfort dress flats women be combined? The ideal combination is that with traditional trousers that are rather tight at the ankle, which however should be left partially uncovered.

The jeans super skinny go just as well, as they should be avoided pants that cover the ankle too large and bell-bottom pants. Those with a small build, however, can also risk resorting to a skirt, in the name of the most marked elegance; the same goes for the slender figures, for which pleated skirts are ideal, which are so fashionable in recent times.

In case you want to show a particularly chic bohemian look, the alternative is between the models with strings and those with fringes, to be combined with a pair of jeans and a blouse with floral or chiffon prints.

Still, comfort dress flats women are also perfect for those who are nostalgic for the 70s or simply want a revival: in this case there is nothing better than a pair of bell trousers and a pair of patent leather moccasins. Brown bulky earrings and a stylish shirt complete the picture.

Finally, among the other options you can come across on the market, there are moccasins with low or flat heels: ideal for any situation, they are synonymous with elegance and are enhanced by a pencil skirt that does not go beyond the knee, both in free time and in more important events.

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