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Katie Moves | 4 Ways to Exercise Without a Gym Membership

The exercise bug is definitely out in force in January but it can be quite hard to commit financially (and mentally….and physically) to a gym. If surrounding yourself with sweaty, grunting, fitness fanatics isn’t for you, then try one of these gym-free ways to get fit:
1) Play a sport.ย 

For someone who’s lazy like me, finding a sport that you love is the perfect way to get yourself moving. I’m extremely competitive and don’t particularly enjoy the gym because I can’t win at it. I’ve always been fairly sporty, playing netball from a young age, but I didn’t realise how much fun sport could be until I started playing ultimate frisbee. Even niche sports like this are still great exercise so don’t worry if highly competitive, mainstream sports aren’t for you. The great thing about frisbee is that it caters for the sporting novices all the way to the competition craving freaks, like me, so there’s something for everyone. Taking up a sport turns your exercise into a social event, which makes you much more inclined to actually turn up!

In a city like Newcastle I’m lucky enough to have almost anything within walking distance. Using your exercise as a form transport gives you a purpose and a motivation. It’ll also save you the money you would have spent on petrol or public transport, and ensure that you’re never late due to pesky road works.

A new pair of trainers is always great motivation!
A new pair of trainers is always great motivation!

3) Do body weight exercises at home

Body weight exercises are super easy things, like plank and squats, that require no equipment and can be done from the comfort (and privacy) of your own home. Programs can be adapted depending on what your fitness goals are but for starters, you can find some basic moves here.

4) Join a boot camp class

If you’re an early riser then a morning boot camp class is the perfect way to start your day productively and healthily. You could also go in evening (which is what I’d do), but I’ve heard that the hardcore boot camper prefers the 6am starts. Weird. The presence of a trainer gives you guidance and motivation whilst the social, friendly atmosphere means you have a little more reason to drag yourself out of bed.

How do you keep yourself fit? Let me know below!

Katie x

Katie Moves | KERN Fitness

Lying in bed on a Tuesday morning, I was not excited about the idea of getting up and walking to a personal training session in the pouring rain. I’d only agreed in the first place because I was told that just 20 minutes at KERN Fitness was the equivalent of 3 hours of regular training, and to someone as lazy as me, that sounded ideal. I found the will power to haul myself up, dressed and out the door into the on coming storm.

Located by Central Station, in the arches of Forth Street, the studio is easily accessible. Upon arrival, I was introduced to my trainer, Carra, handed a cup of isotonic water and given a rather fetching skin tight black outfit to wear. This didn’t calm my nerves. Looking like an overly stuffed sausage, Carra explained to me what I’d actually be doing. The unique thing about KERN is that you exercise whilst hooked up to a machine that sends electric pulses through your body. This is helpful because, instead of just doing a movement once, the machine contracts your muscles 85 times, giving you a more intense work out.

The idea of being electric shocked whilst exercising was not my up of tea but Carra was really nice and supportive, saying that the pulses actually felt quite nice. She was completely right. The only way I think of describing the feeling is “fuzzy”. It wasn’t painful or shocking, just fuzzy. The machine is set for your tolerance level so you can bring the strength up or down depending on how much you can handle. During the workout, the machine give you rest time where no current is flowing, however, you are encouraged to engage in active rest to get the best results.

In terms of the actual exercise, it wasn’t as grueling as I was expecting. If you choose to enroll in a full program with them then you can request higher or lower intensity sessions, but as far as the taster went, my muscles hurt but I never felt the need to stop. Having the personal trainer there was a great help. She was there to guide me through and provide conversation, not shout or demand I do anything I didn’t want to do. ย I had a great time! It felt like I was exercising with friends without the added pressure (as an extremely competitive person, group exercise can get pretty nasty).

I headed back into the rain, feeling pretty satisfied and proud of myself for still being able to walk. We’d joked during the session about how I had cleared the next day so I could stay in bed and recover but I was able to successfully sit up with minimal pain the next morning so I’d consider that a win all-round.


If you want to try it out (which you definitely should!) head over to their websiteย and book yourself a taster session! They’re even doing a new year fitness challenge for those trying to beat the Christmas bulge!

Have you tried KERN? Tell me all about it!

Katie x

Introducing Katie Moves

Like every single other person in Britain, I’ve decided January is the perfect time for me to try and get fit. I do play a lot of sport but those who know me will know just how lazy I am and because to commemorate me actually getting off the sofa, I’m going to start a series of posts called Katie Moves about the hell that other people call exercise and healthy eating. So, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday in January (and maybe beyond) join me here for simple, healthy recipes, tips and updates of how I’m doing.

Are you also getting fit this January? Let me know what you’re up to!