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8 Amazing Travel Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend your days scrolling through endless travel pictures of Instagram, dreaming of your next holiday. Since I started blogging I’ve discovered so many amazing bloggers with unbelievable Insta accounts so I thought I’d share my favourites. I dare you to not want to get on a plane after looking at them.

A Girl Who Travels

A Girl Who Travels

Follow: @a_girlwhotravels

Despite living in the hustle and bustle of London, Marta manages to find colour everywhere. Her bright and beautiful photos don’t just inspire you to travel, they also make you look for new adventures at home. 

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust

Follow: @worldwanderlust

World of Wanderlust is one of the most successful travel blogs around and it boasts a pretty impressive Instagram to match. Follow Brooke on her on-going adventure if you’re ok with the never ending jealousy.

The Blonde AbroadBlonde AbroadFollow: @theblondeabroad

This possibly my favourite account of them all. I’d never been interested in beach style holidays until I saw Kiersten’s photos. She takes typical blogger photos of palm trees and bikinis to new, envy inducing levels.

Round the World GirlRound the World Girl

Follow: @roundtheworldgirl

Love outdoor adventures? This is the account for you. Think rock climbing, canoeing and trekking, all in breathtaking surroundings.

The Planet DThe Planet D

Follow: @theplanetd

This account is all about the scenery.Rather than most travel insta-bloggers who like to be the centre of attention, these professional photographers let the pictures speak for themselves.

Court Scott

Court Scott

Follow: @court_scott

Courtney Scott is best pals with The Blonde Abroad and shares in that picture perfect lifestyle. I just wish my tan could always be so perfect (or exist at all).

Anna EverywhereAnna Everywhere

Follow: @anna.everywhere

When she says everywhere, she means everywhere. I have no idea how she squeezes in so many trips but I’d definitely like her to tell me.

Pause the MomentPause the Moment

Follow: @pausethemoment

I have never seen more blue in an Insta feed, Sea, sun and sky are the order of the day for Ryan. Oh, and he seems to really enjoy doing handstands in front of things.

What are your favourite Instagrams for travel inspiration? Leave them in the comments below and be sure to check out my account here!

Katie x


Newcastle’s Hidden Gems

For a small city, Newcastle is packed full of culture and excitement, so much so that some amazing places may slip under the radar, especially for students. Don’t worry though, here are some recommendations for you to really experience what The Toon has to offer.


For an entire neighbourhood, Ouseburn is pretty hidden. Located on a hill, ending on the bank of the Tyne, the area is full of  independent bars, creative businesses and music venues so you’ll be able to find something for you if you hunt hard enough. Try The Cluny to catch a glimpse of the newest up-and-coming bands, The Tyne Bar if you fancy an unusual pint by the river, or Ouseburn Farm if you fancy, well, you know, animals. For a city, Newcastle really does have an abundance of farms.

Pizzeria Italia

From the family who brought you Slice in Grainger Market comes Pizzeria Italia where you can bag yourself a 12 or 18 inch version of their incredible pizza for under a tenner! The simple cafe has flown under the radar because of its location in Benton but it’s definitely worth the metro ride. Authentic Italian ingredients and old family recipes makes this pizza something truly special. Do not leave Newcastle without experiencing this at least once. Trust me, you’ll be begging to go back!

Benton Park Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7LX

Cook House

Located in a shipping container in Ouseburn, Cook House is run by a successful local food blogger, Anna Hedworth. A great place to eat, drink and relax, the container has been transformed into a bright and airy space which makes you instantly feel at home. You can go for lunch or their famous supper club which features an ever-changing menu featuring fresh and seasonal ingredients. If you want to get involved then they also run a food school which caters to anyone from a student beginner to a wannabe masterchef.

20 Ouse Street, NE1 2PF

Heaton Perk

Heaton Perk is a small cafe in Heaton (duh) which attracts a huge variety of customers, from students to mums and their toddlers. Whilst it takes its inspiration from the iconic Central Perk cafe from Friends, it definitely isn’t a replica. Instead it is decorated in an interesting and quirky fashion packed with retro pieces. The cafe serves great coffee and has a outdoor patio for you to enjoy an old school soda float on a warm afternoon. This isn’t your ordinary coffee shop though. The Perk is also home to a book trading scheme and has a selection of board games for you to play whilst you indulge!

103 – 105 Heaton Park Road, NE6 5NR

Quay Ingredient

OK so this gem probably isn’t very well hidden any more as the Quay Ingredient, located on the Quayside (haha, get it?) is now a favourite amongst the brunch lovers of Newcastle. The tiny cafe doesn’t take reservations so you’ll have to be lucky to get a table but it’s definitely worth trying. They’re open all day but make sure you go before 12 if you want to experience their legendary breakfast. It won’t disappoint!

4 Queen Street, NE1 3UG

The French Oven

The French Oven Bakery is part of a family run group of stalls in Grainger Market. It sells an amazing range of freshly made pastries, pies and cakes, all for a reasonable price. The owner’s French background and passion for baking really shine through in everything she makes. Why settle for Greggs when something like this is on your doorstep?!

Unit 27-28, Grainger Arcade, NE1 5QF

Where’s your favourite hidden gem in Newcastle? Comment below!

Katie x

5 Ways to Save in New York

There is no doubting the fact that New York is an expensive place but that’s doesn’t stop anyone and everyone dreaming of going there. Even once you’ve splashed out on flights and an overpriced hotel, some of the biggest landmarks and attractions in the world still come with a pretty hefty price tag. Don’t fear though, you can still have a pretty great holiday in NYC, just follow these tips.

Eat Away from the Landmarks

Times Square and the surrounding areas are full of restaurants and the location and ease of access seems appealing but restrain yourself! These places are so overpriced and are usually just mediocre chain restaurants that can afford the jacked up rent of tourist hot spots. Take a bit of extra time to hunt down local favourites in areas such as Tribeca or Soho and it’ll really pay off, in both price and quality. Also be sure to see which restaurants have pre-theatre offers and take advantage of them. It may mean eating a little earlier but then you have the whole night to explore!

Take the Staten Island Ferry


Official Statue of Liberty Tours are one of the biggest wastes of money in New York, and that’s really saying something. While some offer you the chance to get off the boat and climb to the top of the statue, others simply sail around the island for a bit and call it a tour. If getting up and close and personal with the statue is your idea of fun then you might have to splash out, just make sure you book well in advance as these tours can sell out fast. If you’re happy with just a look however, just hop on the free Staten Island Ferry which runs every 30 minutes. You get a good look at the statue and the view of the city as you return is just breathtaking.

Buy Theatre Tickets from TKTS Stands

Located in Times Square and near the South Street Seaport, TKTs overs discounted theatre tickets on the morning of each performance. The shows on offer as well as the price deduction varies daily but this is easily the best way to snap up some great deals. Make sure you get their early though as they can sell out fast and be prepared to wait in line.

Spend Time in Central Park

Central Park is one of New York’s biggest landmarks so it’d be silly not to take advantage. It doesn’t cost a thing to wander around the beautiful area so pack a picnic and head out for a day of exploring. Get lost in the woods, climb the rocks or eat on the banks of the lake. There’s so much to see here that you could walk all day and still have plenty more left to see.

Central Park

Buy a Subway Pass

Manhattan is a big place, and that’s even before you’ve considered heading to Brooklyn, and even if, like me, you love walking round new places, you’ll find yourself using the Subway more than you think. Getting an unlimited Subway pass for just a few days of your stay allows you to visit some of the less central attractions such as Coney Island, The Bronx Zoo and the Yankee Stadium without having to spend on a ticket each time. Just try and pack all of your Subway based activities into a couple of days and walk for the rest of your trip.

Are you planning a trip to New York? Have you been before? Tell me all about it below!

Katie x

24 Hours in New Orleans

I didn’t really know what to expect in New Orleans. I knew what I wanted. I wanted men with saxophones on every street corner and sassy old women serving homemade soul food. But I didn’t know what to actually expect. We went for two days but really all the best things could be done in 24 hours if you planned ahead and got out of bed at a reasonable time, so here’s a handy guide of what to do if you ever find yourself in this fine city, even just for a day.

Morning: Take a Tour of the Swamps Going on a swamp tour was a must for this Princess and the Frog fan. Just a short drive from the city centre, you can find multiple boat companies competing for your custom. As far as I could tell, all of them were pretty similar, offering a morning boat tour that takes in the swamps and all the wildlife that calls it home. Catch a glimpse of alligators, raccoons and wild pigs as you zoom through the beautiful scenery. Our guide was really knowledgeable and charismatic (some may say crazy) which made the whole experience all the more enjoyable. It’s really easy to get to and many hostels organise daily trips here for those less willing to put in the effort themselves.

Afternoon: Explore the French Quarter

The French Quarter is the perfect place to dive into New Orleans’ rich history or just take a leisurely stroll through it’s beautiful streets. Make sure you visit the cathedral in Jackson Square and give yourself plenty of time to stop buy some cafes and bars to listen to some local jazz. The street performers are pretty talented too if the fresh air is more your thing. Just grab an ice cream, find a bench and enjoy.

Evening: Steamboat Natchez

 There is no better way to experience NOLA history than on this amazing steamboat cruise. Opt to have dinner while you sail or just take in the amazing views whilst listening to the on board jazz band. Take this time to relax or explore the boat and even check out the fully functional steam engine room. If you’d rather a more educational trip then listen out for the audio tour which gives you an insight into the landmarks along the Mississippi coast line. 

Night: Bourbon Street

Unfortunately, I was only 20 when I visited and the very large bouncers deterred me from even trying to drink under-age, but I heard on the grapevine that Bourbon Street is the place to go for a jazz filled night out. The live music from the bars flows into the neon lit street at all hours of the day, so even if drinking isn’t for you, you should definitely head down to soak in the true Nola atmosphere.

For lunch and dinner recommendations, check out the best things I ate here and enjoy your trip to NOLA! I want to go back already!

Katie x