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The 5 Facebook Reactions We Really Need

This week Facebook made history by upgrading the ‘Like’ feature to include a variety of ‘Reactions’ so you don’t have to awkwardly ‘Like’ a post about someone’s pet dying. With only five to chose from however, many important reactions have been left unaccounted for and, while the world still waits for its ‘Dislike’ button, here are five of the reactions that I want to see on Facebook.

1) The ‘I Know This Was Subtly Aimed At Me’

Whilst this feature would mainly be used by 14 year old girl as most people grew out of subtly insulting people on social media when they were back in school, it would be really useful to call out those who still find it acceptable.

2) The ‘Who On Earth Do You Think Cares’

Oh congratulations on eating 3 Snickers bars before getting out bed but WHO DO YOU THINK CARES?! I would use this button SO much! From people who post hundreds of times a day to people who use Facebook to have political arguments. It would be best put to use, however, when couples post mushy comments on each other’s timelines or publicly express their love for all to see. Talk to each other in person because NO ONE ELSE CARES.

3) The ‘I’m Going To Appear To Be Supportive But I’m Secretly Super Jealous and I Hate You’

This is a perfect button for those university friends who are getting great jobs while you’re sitting in bed surrounded by take away boxes, smelling like disappointment and regret. Also a great way to show how you really feel about friends getting engaged, buying houses and going on ridiculous holidays whilst your single and still living at home. Because we all know, your friends are your greatest competition.

4) The ‘Your Baby Isn’t Special’

“Oh my god your baby said their first word one week earlier than the average baby?! You’re right they will be a genius!” said no one ever. OK so you love your baby very much but to the rest of Facebook it’s just another human that has yet to prove itself as interesting or special in anyway. Most of them aren’t even cute.

5) The ‘Great Job Editing Your Life To Appear Perfect’

Wow, what a great photo of your night out, this makes it look like you had such a great time! Shame that it’s obvious you spent your whole night focused on getting this perfect pic and you actually forgot to have a good time. You’re the kind of person that posts pre gym pics as post gym pics to make us believe you don’t know how to sweat. I SEE THROUGH YOUR LIES!

Which reactions do you want to see on Facebook?

Katie x

10 Things I Hate About Christmas as a Student

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. December is my favourite time of the year and I’m usually one of the first to get in the festive spirit. However, Christmas is a little bit different as you get older, and not always in a good way.

  1. People…Everywhere

People are literally the worst at any time of year but in December they insist on coming out en masse to make my life a living hell. Gone are the days where you can walk down the street comfortably, surrounded by your own personal space; December is the time for being herded like cattle through town centres.

  1. Slow Walkers

Even worse than your average person is the slow walker. They don’t seem to understand that everyone is in a rush to get out of the living hell-hole that is a shopping centre in December. The worst ones are the people who slow down, or even stop, to look at pretty shop windows. MOVE ON PEOPLE, now is not the time.

  1. People who say you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas if you’re not a practising Christian.

Fair enough if you want to miss out on the best time of the year, then that’s fine, but leave me out of it. I’m more than happy to bow down to the capitalist puppet masters if it means tinsel and pantomimes.

  1. Decorating on a Budget

OK so the first three weren’t particularly student related but this one is a real struggle. Why are the nicest decorations always the most expensive ones? My dreams for a grotto style living room are big but unfortunately my budget is small. What starts out with the idea of a winter wonderland becomes a few crappy paper chains and maybe some tinsel from PoundLand.

  1. Secret Santa

I don’t want to spend my time and money on something for someone that they definitely won’t like. A £5 (or even £2) limit is not enough money to get something useful and you always just end up with awkward gift exchanges and a piece of tat you will never use.


  1. Organising Christmas Meals

No doubt you will have many different Christmas events to attend such as society meals and course balls but organising a simple Christmas Dinner with your house becomes the hardest task of the year. No one will ever be free at the same time and you definitely won’t all agree on a restaurant or budget. And you probably will have to do this multiple times with multiple groups of friends until the last week of uni becomes a blur of food and stress.

  1. Late Deadlines

How am I meant to get in the Christmas spirit when I have a deadline on the 18th December? THE 18th!! Do my lecturers not know how many Christmas meals I have to attend?

  1. January Exams

Think you can relax after all of these late deadlines? Oh no. The university also insist on you have the most miserable holiday due to imminent January exams. So festive.

  1. Getting Fat

The combination of all of the meals, selection boxes and advent calendars, along with the long days sitting still in the library inevitably add up to a few extra pounds. This then usually means hitting the gym in January where you encounter thousands of people in the same position.

  1. Not Being a Kid Any More

As a kid, if you get money for Christmas it will be spent on something exciting. If you get money as a student, it will be spent on possibly being able to eat brand name cereal at some point in the next 4 years. And still believing in Santa would make the whole thing so much more exciting.

Katie x

The Love/Hate Tag

This is something a little bit different for me, but I was nominated by Kelci from Kelci In Colour (thanks!) so I thought it’d be rude not to take part. Now the concept is simple, list ten things you love and ten things you hate, however, I don’t have a wide enough range of emotion for that so I’m going to change it slightly to become Things That I Tolerate/Things I Can’t Tolerate. Obvious things like friends and family have been removed so this isn’t dull and predictable. Enjoy.

Things I Tolerate:

  1. Food: OK I actually do love food. Food pretty much controls my life, my actions and my emotions.
  2. Ultimate Frisbee: But only with people I actually like spending time with, and if I can avoid everyone else.
  3. Travelling: To amazing places with amazing people. Ok it can be claimed I “love” travelling too.
  4. Popping Bubble Wrap: You’d think the excessive noise would annoy me but surprisingly it doesn’t.
  5. Penguins: They’re an extremely underrated animal. The should at least be worth a luxury cake rather than being confined to an, often discarded, children’s biscuit.
  6. Netflix: Without Netflix I’d have to manually find the next episode of a show and that’s just too much to ask.
  7. Any Film Starring a Handsome Man: Preferably that’s available on previously mentioned Netlfix.
  8. Giant Teddy Bears: They’re comfy and cute, what more do you want?
  9. Sarcasm and People Who Get It: This is more of a condition of my friendship than something I merely tolerate
  10. Children’s Animated Movies: Big Hero 6 is my current favourite and I want Baymax in my life forever.
Travelling is definitely near the top of my love list

Things I Can’t Tolerate:

  1. People Who Are Too Happy All The Time: I think I may have mentioned this one before…
  2. Fish as Food: Or any sea food for that matter. Not going to happen. They’re slimy and they taste weird
  3. Fish as Friends: I’m scared of all fish. They can breathe underwater and I can’t…therefore they will beat me in underwater battle. I’m not taking any risks.
  4. Frogs: Why are they so warty and gross? There is literally no need for frogs in the world.
  5. People Who Think It’s Fine to Put Cranberry In Cheese: I don’t understand your brain. Cheese is perfect without your tampering.
  6. Vegetarians Who Try and Convert Me: I love bacon. No amount of guilt will ever change that. Keep your beliefs to yourself and let me enjoy my life, meal and all. Same goes for religion.
  7. The Fact That Candles are a ‘Thing’ Now: I seem to be the only blogger in the country that doesn’t own 328 candles and doesn’t tweet about each one individually using the words “so in love” every time. It’s 2015. Turn on a light.
  8. The Fact That After Dinner There are No More Meals: I spend all day looking forward to my meals and then after dinner you’re faced with a foodless abyss and that’s just sad.
  9. Horror Films: Being scared is a negative emotion. Why are you making yourself scared on purpose? It is not enjoyable.
  10. Having to Repeat Myself: How hard is it to listen to me the first time? I’m lazy. I don’t want to be engaging in meaningless conversation for longer than necessary.

I think I could go on all day about things I can’t tolerate. They were just the first ten I thought of. Now I’m raging.

I Nominate:

Katie x

Katie Rants: Bad Blood Music Video

I don’t think I’ve ever been excited about a music video before, especially for a song I don’t even like. Enter Bad Blood. Enter disappointment.

After hearing Bad Blood a few months ago, during the time I listened to 1987 on repeat for every waking moment of January, I thought it sounded like a rejected Avril Lavigne song from 2004. I never thought it’d be released as a single. Maybe Taylor just wanted to make her dislike of Katy Perry (who the song is about) extra public.

Then came the Instagrams and I started to get excited about what a assumed would be a mini movie style music video a la Thriller. Around a dozen famous faces all decked out in dominatrix style spy gear, sounds like a great way to improve what is a sub par song right? Wrong. After waiting for, what felt like, ever, the video was released last night and turned out it was 4 minutes 4 seconds of distinctly average. Yes, the big names were all there as promised but each one basically appeared for around 3 seconds and badly mimed some lyrics and then disappeared, almost as if to say “Oh yeah, I’m here too” before being interrupted by the next one yelling “And me! Don’t forget me!”.

If we’re being honest this whole project was just an excuse for Swift to dress up and pretend to be bad-ass with all of her friends, who just happened to be famous which allowed them to churn out the finished product to the public and expect us to like it because there’s some people that we’ve heard doted around. Taylor Swift did some glorified cosplay and called it an international music event. I was hoping for storyline, characters and some top notch action. All I got was fighting for screen time.

This is the music video equivalent of the film Valentine’s Day, remember that? All star cast that turned out to be a bit too much of everything, all going on at once? It was such a flop because no one had time to do what they’re great at. May as well have just put a load of celebrities on a conveyor belt with a sign saying GIVE ME ATTENTION and just let people watch them all roll by while listening to Bad Blood in the background. We get you have famous friends Taylor, and there’s a lot of talent there, just do something better with them next time.

Katie x