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Katie Wears: No Fuss Formal with Luxemme

It’s been a long, long week. A week of lectures, training, editing a newspaper. A week that ended with me dressed in this outfit on Sunday morning, in my back garden, in the 5 degree Newcastle chill because my face decided that it wouldn’t allow any acceptable photos to be taken at the ball(ish-type-thing) I actually wore this to. I learnt two things.

1) Only the truly blessed look good in night out photos.

2) It’s really bloody hard to make my back garden look at all respectable.

I powered through though and I think this may be the only time I’ve ever been dressed before 2pm on a Sunday.

Co-ord: Luxemme, £35

Necklace: Primark, £5

Boots: TopShop, £40
 This whole ‘co-ord’ thing is possibly my favourite trend ever and I think we all know that’s because I’m way too lazy to bother finding two items of clothing that actually match. It’s also way better than a dress because you basically get three things (skirt, top, dress) for the price of one and a student can never say no to a good deal. This one, from Luxemme, fits perfectly and is fantastic quality, something which all online shops promise but very few actually deliver on. At just £35, you should definitely check out the rest of their website, especially the Limited Edition range. You won’t be disappointed. Nights out not your thing? Wear the top with jeans for a really easy day time look, or pair the skirt with a white shirt for evening events. It’s great for any situation. Other than maybe bedtime. You probably shouldn’t wear this at bedtime.

Katie x

Katie Wears: Stripes for Summer Nights

Summer is finally here and while it’s nice to think that that means long, hot, sunny days, the fact is, I live in Britain so what I can expect is a few hours of sun every so often followed by deceivingly chilly evenings that my clothing just isn’t prepared for. However, with the help of Boutique of Molly, I found a perfect outfit for these awkward situations.

I love this slip dress and whilst I do wear it on its own all the time, I only really wear it for fancy events and nights out but layering it with a high necked top adds so many more options. This particular crop top is perfect. I often find with crop tops like this that the material is flimsy and extremely unsupportive and I assumed this would be the case here. It turned out I had nothing to worry about and the top held its shape really well, as well as keeping the evening chill out.

The people over at Boutique of Molly were really helpful and friendly and they made sure my order arrived the next day. They were great to work with and would highly recommend checking out their store. Their stock is constantly being updated so make sure you keep checking back for more pieces to be added.

Also, these were the first pictures taken on my new Olympus camera. Not quite sure I’ve figured it out yet as I seem to managed to get a really sharp picture of a brick wall whilst my face seems to have turned into a white circle. Oh well. No one wants to see my face anyway.

Katie x

Las Vegas Adventures: What I Wore

As I’m sure you know, I don’t talk much as about fashion, even though it is something that I love. Blogging-wise I account that to the fact I’m not the kind of person who can stand in front of a camera and take hundreds of photos of each item of my clothing from various different angles. But taking photos of me with things of interest, where very little ‘edgy’ posing is involved is a-ok and Vegas is the kind of place where there’s just so much to see and do that pictures are inevitable. Because of this, I’ve managed to extract some of my tourist photos to use in a what I wore, something I aim to do a lot more of.

  • T-shirt:   Topshop, £15 in the sale
  • Skirt:   Urban Outfitters, £45
  • Jacket:   Pop Boutique, £25
  • Sunglasses:   Ebay, £3.99
  • Shoes:   River Island, £25

This is my favourite skirt ever. It was pretty expensive but I literally wear it constantly, day and night so really, cost-per-wear it’s one of the cheapest things I own. This was on the first day and you will not believe how many tries it took my mum to work an iPhone camera. The second picture was meant to be of me sitting down but she only figured out how to take the picture as I was standing up to help her. Didn’t turn out too badly though, if you ignore the overly toothy grin.

  • Top:   Primark, £6
  • Skirt:   Topshop, £28
  • Shoes:   River Island, £25
  • Sunglasses:   Quay, £9.99

This Topshop skirt is another current favourite. The shape is so flattering and they do it in loads of different colours and patterns. My next buy is definitely going to be the beige cord one. There are loads of these skirts around but the Topshop one is great quality and probably the best fit for me so it’s worth spending more than you would if you got one from somewhere like MissGuided. It’ll be a staple to last all summer.

  • Dress:   Ebay, £80

The outfit was for my cousin’s wedding so I thought I may as well reuse my prom dress. I normally wouldn’t go for something so bright but I guess at a scouser’s wedding in Vegas “over the top” doesn’t exist. It’s a replica of an Elie Saab dress that Taylor Swift wore to the Billboard Music Awards and I love it but, as you can imagine for a 19 year old student, I barely get the chance to wear it. There are some really great shops on Ebay that do designer replicas for a fraction of the price, and this one at least, is pretty good quality.

I haven’t supplied links to most of the items as they are no longer available from the store. Sorry! Hope you enjoy.

Katie x

Katie Wears: Quay Sunglasses



So despite this starting as a fashion blog, I don’t write too much about clothes any more, mainly because I really don’t like cringy pictures of myself (see above) which turned to be a massive part of it, but I stumbled across this sunglasses brand that I love so much I just had to share. They’re called Quay Australia and by the looks of their website, celebs have been fans for years. They specialise in putting a quirky twist on classic styles, like these modern cats eye glasses I picked up from TK Maxx for only a tenner! I’m a massive sunglasses fan and a firm believer that you can never have too many pairs so I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for some more, both in store and on the brand’s online shop. Choose from many variations of these to anything from aviators to bright, on trend, round styles, there really is something for everyone.

Pick them up in some TK Maxx stores, direct here, or also, find a limited selection on Asos here (psst…you can use student discount if you buy from Asos!)

Katie x