Eyebrow tinting: Steps into coloring face framers at home

The color and shape of the eyebrows can significantly transform how people look. Perfectly defined eyebrows frame the eyes stylishly and bring out great facial features. Eyebrow tinting reduces the efforts and time required to give fuller, thicker, and photo-worthy brows.

Luckily, there is no need to get into the exquisite salon to get the brows tinted! The procedure can be done easily at home as long as there are correct ingredients. This article outlines the process of preparation, the coloring of the face framers, and how to keep them tinted for long.

Always perform a patch test.

Every home eyebrow tint kit must include an activator, dye, and a mixing bowl. And since it is vital to do a sensitivity test, mix a small amount, and then dab it behind the ear with the help of a cotton bud.

Behind the ear is the ideal place for sensitivity testing since it is a delicate and hidden area so that it won’t be visible in case of a reaction.

Trim any overgrown hair.

It is a good idea to give the brows a trim if they look thick and busy. Remember to differentiate between a haircut and a slight trimming to avoid removing a significant amount of hair on the brow.

The aim is to neaten up straggling hairs since they become a barrier between dye and thinner brow hairs.

Clean the area.

Cleaning involves using a non-oily cleanser to remove make-ups and natural body oils from the skin and apply a barrier cream around the brow perimeter to protect the area from staining. Vaseline is the ideal jelly for use as a barrier cream.

A large mirror and good lighting are vital for this step as they enable one to identify the colors and see whatever they are doing.

Choose colors wisely.

Unless the target is a bold finish, choosing a dark shade may seem too harsh. In such a case, it is best to make one shade darker. For instance, for a medium brown, light brown would look more appealing as an eyebrow tint.

Target grey hairs first.

If there are grey hairs on the brows, be advised to start with them. This is because they will need more contact time with the mixture of dye and the activator compared to the parts of the eyebrows.


After giving enough time to the coloring, the next step is to remove the eyebrow tint mixture applied after allowing it 8-10 minutes to hold up in the lashes.  Using a ball or a cotton pad, immerse it in water and clean both the brows and lashes.

Also, there is room for people to wash their faces after removing colors to ensure there are no stains left. Repeat the procedure in case the tints come out very lightly.


Eyebrow tinting is the procedure of temporarily shaping, enhancing, and defining eyebrows using dyes. Brow tints last for weeks and have reduced the time and efforts of drawing, styling, filling, and shaping the brows with brow fillers and pencils.

Brow tinting dyes blend nicely with most natural brow colors and do not look drawn completely.

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