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8 Amazing Travel Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

If you’re anything like me you’ll spend your days scrolling through endless travel pictures of Instagram, dreaming of your next holiday. Since I started blogging I’ve discovered so many amazing bloggers with unbelievable Insta accounts so I thought I’d share my favourites. I dare you to not want to get on a plane after looking at them.

A Girl Who Travels

A Girl Who Travels

Follow: @a_girlwhotravels

Despite living in the hustle and bustle of London, Marta manages to find colour everywhere. Her bright and beautiful photos don’t just inspire you to travel, they also make you look for new adventures at home. 

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust

Follow: @worldwanderlust

World of Wanderlust is one of the most successful travel blogs around and it boasts a pretty impressive Instagram to match. Follow Brooke on her on-going adventure if you’re ok with the never ending jealousy.

The Blonde AbroadBlonde AbroadFollow: @theblondeabroad

This possibly my favourite account of them all. I’d never been interested in beach style holidays until I saw Kiersten’s photos. She takes typical blogger photos of palm trees and bikinis to new, envy inducing levels.

Round the World GirlRound the World Girl

Follow: @roundtheworldgirl

Love outdoor adventures? This is the account for you. Think rock climbing, canoeing and trekking, all in breathtaking surroundings.

The Planet DThe Planet D

Follow: @theplanetd

This account is all about the scenery.Rather than most travel insta-bloggers who like to be the centre of attention, these professional photographers let the pictures speak for themselves.

Court Scott

Court Scott

Follow: @court_scott

Courtney Scott is best pals with The Blonde Abroad and shares in that picture perfect lifestyle. I just wish my tan could always be so perfect (or exist at all).

Anna EverywhereAnna Everywhere

Follow: @anna.everywhere

When she says everywhere, she means everywhere. I have no idea how she squeezes in so many trips but I’d definitely like her to tell me.

Pause the MomentPause the Moment

Follow: @pausethemoment

I have never seen more blue in an Insta feed, Sea, sun and sky are the order of the day for Ryan. Oh, and he seems to really enjoy doing handstands in front of things.

What are your favourite Instagrams for travel inspiration? Leave them in the comments below and be sure to check out my account here!

Katie x


Katie Goes: The Grand Canyon

At 6am on a warm Las Vegas morning I’m rudely awoken by blinding light streaming into the hotel room. It’s Grand Canyon day, the day that me and mum were most looking forward to in Vegas (not the wedding, sorry Chris). And the best part was, we’d booked a helicopter tour to see it in style! We headed downstairs to get picked up by the limo, how fancy, and headed to the tiny airport. All checked in, we met our pilot, an ex RAF man who helps extinguish forest fires in his spare time. We were safe in his hands, but that didn’t stop mum squealing in the as we took off. As we were the lightest we got  to sit in the front and, with head sets on, we were ready for mum’s favourite part of the whole trip…the selfie. No I’m not kidding, I’ve never seen her as excited as when she asked me “do you know how to do a selfie?” and my answer was “errr well, yeah.” Look how happy she is!

IMG_4109We flew for about half an hour over beautiful desert, mountains and the Hoover Dam, all with our pilot giving us fun facts like a human encyclopaedia. We finally landed in the canyon and it was simply astonishing. I’ve been putting off writing this post because I just didn’t know what I could say about it that’d live up to the experience. Nothing. It truly is something you have to see for yourself. Even when you’re there it’s impossible to understand the scale of the place. It just goes on forever.

grand canyon

We had a quick breakfast inside the canyon and, despite it only being 7.30am, we headed off after about 40 minutes as the heat was too much, although we obviously had time to take a few pictures (complete with fetching name badge used for the flight). The ride back included a fly down the strip and I even got to help fly the helicopter before landing back at the base and getting the limo back to the hotel. I really could not recommend a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon enough. A few people said to us that they weren’t going because it “wasted a day of fun in Vegas”, but really, you can drink and gamble for the rest of your trip, just make sure you see this once in a lifetime place. If you do the tour we did it only took 4 hours, and it was 4 hours we would have usually used for sleeping.

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? Let me know all about it in the comments!

Katie x

Katie Goes: Venice

I’ve always wanted to go to Venice so when my boyfriend accidentally told me about the surprise trip he planned I was more than excited. Then, however, after doing a bit of research, I became sceptical. I’m not a big fan of churches and old buildings and it seemed as though 100% of the things to do in Venice revolved around these. However, I was determined to have a great time, as let’s be honest, any holiday is better than sitting in lectures.After getting lost trying to find our hotel at 2am, we got up to go exploring. It was much more pleasant getting lost in the daytime and, because it was pretty hot and sunny for October, losing our way became our favourite activity over the 4 days we were there. Behind eating and drinking of course. There’s a law in Venice that bans wood fired ovens and apparently the locals hate tourists asking for pizzas, but even so, they make them pretty damn well! The pasta, meat and fish wasn’t too shabby either, but our waistlines weren’t ideal.
They serve wine with your dinner, not by the bottle, but by the litre which made it quite hard to stay aware of how much we’d drank. It didn’t matter that much though considering a litre was only 8 euros and a glass of prosecco was 2. They also served cheap cicchetti in many of the bars, which are small Italian snacks like mozzerella balls and mini pizzas, so you were never too far from good food.IMG_5358.JPGOne night after dinner, we were walking over the Rialto Bridge (which is apparently beautiful and famous but I’d never heard of it and it was covered with a giant Diesel advert) and found a cafe that served the best lemon tart I’ve ever eaten. It was right on the bank of the Grand Canal and we were served by the jolliest waiter I’ve ever met who spent a while trying to correct my poor attempt at ordering in Italian (apparently ‘lemon tart please’ is harder than you think).Although eating and drinking was our main past time, we did spend some time doing other things (such as taking multiple pictures of the back of my head apparently). A gondola ride was out of the question due to 100 euro price tag but we did take a boat out to Murano, a small island famous for its glass. We also visited the dungeons of Doge’s Palace in St Mark’s Square which was interesting, although the tour did drag to be honest. We were in there for like 2 hours, listening to a women tell the story of Casanova in excruciating detail.  VeniceThe ‘Boats That Should Be Cars’ Game

Another fun past time, that may not be great for the more cultured readers among you, is the “Boats That Should Be Cars” game which my friend made up on his visit. Obviously Venice has no roads, which means no cars, however, you never really think until you get there that that means everything has to be a boat. The aim is to identify as many weird boats that should be cars as you can. Pretty simple right? Here are some examples of what we found:

  • Fed-Ex Boat
  • Police Boat
  • Dustbin Boat
  • Boat Bus
  • Supermarket Delivery Boat

IMG_5357.JPGDespite being slightly reluctant, I had the best time in Venice. It really is the most beautiful place and has amazing (and cheap) food. I even sat through some opera without completely hating it. I’d definitely recommend a visit, although apparently the canals smell in the Summer so plan wisely.

Katie x

My American Adventure: New Orleans | Food

One of the things I’ve been most excited about on this trip is the food and I definitely haven’t been disappointed. I was a bit worried about New Orleans because it’s so famous for seafood and I’m very anti-fish, but I was very pleasantly surprised. 

Our first meal after the 8 hour drive from Florida was at Dat Dog, a local chain with 3 bustling locations in town which had been greatly recommended online. We headed to the famous Frenchmen Street in the French Quarter and were pretty taken aback by the atmosphere of the area, as well as the imaginative, extensive menu including hot dogs made from pretty much every animal imaginable.   

We went for the duck hot dogs and Pete got chips, which I ate most of after realising that these may have been the best chips I will ever eat. The hotdogs didn’t disappoint either. You can get them plain, like me, or with loads of weird and wonderful toppings; I think Pete went for blackberry sauce and spicy mustard, weirdo. Whichever you prefer, I could not recommend this place enough. You may as well grab a few drinks and settle in for the night. 

The next day we wanted to try some typical Louisiana food so we visited Mother’s for some jambalaya and a po-boy, which is just their word for a sandwich if we’re being really honest.    Jambalaya isn’t something I’d normally order but it was amazing. I have no idea how they can make something that looks like paella and contains the same stuff as paella taste like something I’ve never eaten before. 

 The sandwich was no different. We went for their “famous” combo which included ham (they claim to have the world’s best baked ham), roast beef, and something called debris which is the gravy that the beef is cooked in along with all the little pieces of meat that fall in. It was definitely a challenge to eat, and the bread was a little dry but the meat was delicious, not quite the world’s best ham but definitely worth eating. The place was full of locals so if you’re looking for some authentic southern food then this is the place for you. 

Katie x