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Heaton vs Jesmond: Where to Live as a Student in Newcastle

Moving out of halls and into the city can be scary, especially as there are so many options and things to think about. The most important decision, after picking your housemates of course, is which neighbourhood you’re going to call home. Don’t have a clue? Well here’s a guide to the most popular areas.


Jesmond is one of the fanciest areas in Newcastle and is inhabited by some of the more wealthy locals which means that the rent here is high. You can expect to pay between £65 and £90 a week for a house or flat and they seriously vary in quality. Make sure you look around as there are some hidden gems lurking but in general, the houses here are not good value.

The house prices in Heaton are much more affordable, ranging from £45 to £65 a week. Not only are they cheaper, they are often less “studenty” and feel more like a proper home than a dingy lair. There are drawbacks though, but that’ll be discussed later.


Jesmond is packed full of restaurants like local institutions Fat Hippo and Longhorns. It’s also home to a serious amount of Italian restaurants, all of which offering happy hour deals which allow you to pick up a 2 course meal for around £6. There is also a Tesco, Waitrose (I told you it was posh) and Sainsburys for those forgotten essentials. 

While Jesmond excels in stylish, trendy eateries, Heaton sticks to the simple cafe. The main roads are lined with greasy spoon style places serving fry ups and sandwiches. A few good restaurants stand between them though such as local favourite, The Butterfly Cabinet, and newly opened Man vs Food. There is also a little Tesco and Sainsburys but the surrounding areas are packed with full size supermarkets if you dont want to mess around with the baby kind.


With Osborne Road on your doorstep, it’s hard to ignore the social pull that Jesmond has. In the summer the street is packed with students enjoying the sun from one of the dozen of bars located there. They’re all targeted at students, offering happy hour deals and £2 Tuesdays to distract you from that all important work. Want more of a chilled evening? Head to The Lonsdale for a quiet pint and a pub quiz. 

Bars in Heaton are non-existent. Instead opt for one of the many pubs that call it home. The Cornerhouse is your typical chain pub whilst the Hussar provides more of a local feel. There was once a trebles bar but it closed down pretty quickly and its shattered remains still sit there as a reminder that bars can’t survive here.


Both neighbourhoods have a metro station that goes directly into town (although they don’t go directly to each other which is very annoying) but you have to live pretty close to it for it to be useful. It’s much easier to walk to university and into town from Jesmond and living in Heaton would mean you’re much more likely to spend money on a metro ticket, buy a bike, or get up even earlier for those 9ams. Taxis back from a night out are also cheaper to Jesmond and it’s usually easier to find people to share with.


The winner very much depends on the kind of person you are. If you’re very concerned about money then Heaton is your best bet. Medics and post grads also often chose Heaton as they don’t have the time to enjoy the perks of Jesmond.  However, if you’re the sociable kind who likes to be in the middle of everything then Jesmond is definitely for you. There’s always something to do and somewhere to go. Don’t worry though, living anywhere will be great if you’re with the right people!

Looking to rent in Newcastle? Head to EasiLiving for all the support you need.

Katie x

10 Things Song Lyrics Have Taught Us

1EGDXUXXQO1) Never incorrectly identify objects 

“Don’t call it a spade if it isn’t a spade”

 -The 1975, The City

I was never aware that the mis-identification of spades was such a major issue, but I’m glad The 1975 took it upon themselves to sort it out.

2) Taking things too seriously can have major consequences

“You can get delirious if you take live too serious”

  -Chico, Chico Time

If there’s one thing to be certain of in life, it’s that you can always trust a man who has his own time.

3) The importance of maths is exaggerated in school

“The square root of 69 is 8 something, right?”

-Rihanna ft Drake, What’s My Name

Screw all these teachers trying to tell you that maths is some sort of exact science. Drake knows how maths really works.

4) Being respectful to women is way easier than you thought

Great job respecting those girls David

“Trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.

Damn she’s a sexy bitch”

-David Guetta, Sexy Bitch

Who knew it was so easy?! Guetta has taught us that you can literally say anything to a women as long you’ve at least considered being respectful first. Feminism.

5) Humans and elephants used to work alongside each other

“What about elephants? Have we lost their trust?”

-Michael Jackson, Earth Song

Little did you know but the Earth used to be expertly managed by a human/elephant coalition until the humans betrayed the elephants and took sole leadership of the planet. The elephants have never truly forgiven us. The events have conveniently been omitted from all history books due to, what Michael would claim to be, one the biggest cover ups in the history of the American government.

6) Never pass up a freebie

“I want your ugly, I want your disease. I want your everything as long as it’s free”

-Lady Gaga, Bad Romance

Lady Gaga really speaks to the student population with this one. Free things are always worth having, even if there’s a small chance it may contain disease. This logic is probably what led to her international fame, as well as her very swanky meat dress. Wise words to live by.

7) If you want a girl to like you, make sure you also sleep with all her friends

“If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends”

-The Spice Girls, Wannabe

I’m unsure whether you need to get with her friends before, or at the same time. I guess use your intuition and common sense on this one.

8) Dancers are not humans

“Are we human or are we dancer?”

-The Killers, Human

You can’t be both. You have to pick. Now.

9) Always have Rihanna’s money

“Bitch better have my money”

-Rihanna, Bitch Better Have My Money

This one is pretty clear. I’m unsure why the Bank of Rihanna is so in need of this money, but either way, it would be appreciated if you could always repay your loans in an efficient and timely manner.

10) If you disagree with lyrical advice, you can take matters into your own hands

“If you don’t like my lyrics you can press fast forward”

-Jay Z, 99 Problems

Thanks for letting us know Jay Z. If you’d have said earlier  I wouldn’t have wasted the 26 seconds it took me to get to this lyric. I’d be thoroughly surprised if anyone has stuck through to the end of any Jay Z song after this musical get out of jail free card.

Just remember, if you’re ever seeking advice, look to these great word smiths to guide you, and you will never lose your way again.

You’re welcome.

Katie x


The Love/Hate Tag

This is something a little bit different for me, but I was nominated by Kelci from Kelci In Colour (thanks!) so I thought it’d be rude not to take part. Now the concept is simple, list ten things you love and ten things you hate, however, I don’t have a wide enough range of emotion for that so I’m going to change it slightly to become Things That I Tolerate/Things I Can’t Tolerate. Obvious things like friends and family have been removed so this isn’t dull and predictable. Enjoy.

Things I Tolerate:

  1. Food: OK I actually do love food. Food pretty much controls my life, my actions and my emotions.
  2. Ultimate Frisbee: But only with people I actually like spending time with, and if I can avoid everyone else.
  3. Travelling: To amazing places with amazing people. Ok it can be claimed I “love” travelling too.
  4. Popping Bubble Wrap: You’d think the excessive noise would annoy me but surprisingly it doesn’t.
  5. Penguins: They’re an extremely underrated animal. The should at least be worth a luxury cake rather than being confined to an, often discarded, children’s biscuit.
  6. Netflix: Without Netflix I’d have to manually find the next episode of a show and that’s just too much to ask.
  7. Any Film Starring a Handsome Man: Preferably that’s available on previously mentioned Netlfix.
  8. Giant Teddy Bears: They’re comfy and cute, what more do you want?
  9. Sarcasm and People Who Get It: This is more of a condition of my friendship than something I merely tolerate
  10. Children’s Animated Movies: Big Hero 6 is my current favourite and I want Baymax in my life forever.
Travelling is definitely near the top of my love list

Things I Can’t Tolerate:

  1. People Who Are Too Happy All The Time: I think I may have mentioned this one before…
  2. Fish as Food: Or any sea food for that matter. Not going to happen. They’re slimy and they taste weird
  3. Fish as Friends: I’m scared of all fish. They can breathe underwater and I can’t…therefore they will beat me in underwater battle. I’m not taking any risks.
  4. Frogs: Why are they so warty and gross? There is literally no need for frogs in the world.
  5. People Who Think It’s Fine to Put Cranberry In Cheese: I don’t understand your brain. Cheese is perfect without your tampering.
  6. Vegetarians Who Try and Convert Me: I love bacon. No amount of guilt will ever change that. Keep your beliefs to yourself and let me enjoy my life, meal and all. Same goes for religion.
  7. The Fact That Candles are a ‘Thing’ Now: I seem to be the only blogger in the country that doesn’t own 328 candles and doesn’t tweet about each one individually using the words “so in love” every time. It’s 2015. Turn on a light.
  8. The Fact That After Dinner There are No More Meals: I spend all day looking forward to my meals and then after dinner you’re faced with a foodless abyss and that’s just sad.
  9. Horror Films: Being scared is a negative emotion. Why are you making yourself scared on purpose? It is not enjoyable.
  10. Having to Repeat Myself: How hard is it to listen to me the first time? I’m lazy. I don’t want to be engaging in meaningless conversation for longer than necessary.

I think I could go on all day about things I can’t tolerate. They were just the first ten I thought of. Now I’m raging.

I Nominate:

Katie x

5 of the Best: Sequels That Should Never Have Been Made

A while ago I did a post about the five film sequels that I’m dying to see happen and since then one has already been announced, (kind of). However, that got me thinking of all the great films out there that have been ruined by their sequels, and trust me there is A LOT of them as it’s obvious that studios think of sequels as a way to make big bucks without actually putting in any effort to come up with new characters or plot lines. It was pretty hard to cut them all down to a top five but after some serious consideration, here’s what I settled on, for now at least. I’m fairly sure I’ll think of even worse ones tomorrow.

1) Taken 2 

In what world did anyone think this would be a good idea? Taken is such a great film but it did not lend itself to a sequel in any way. The sequel was so contrived that they may as well have just played two hours worth of the producers sat in a room counting their money. And then the money hungry corporate idiots made a third one!! That so few people actually watched I didn’t even know it existed until I saw the DVD in Tesco in last week. Let’s pray that 3 was enough.

2) Spy Kids 2-4 

As a kid I loved spy kids. As in, I loved kids who were spies. Becoming a spy kid was my ultimate goal in life. The Spy Kids franchise was heavily mediocre ,however, nestled somewhere between the clever yet cheesy Agent Cody Banks and the all-round awful Sharkboy and Lava Girl. They steadily declined after the first, and four was definitely too many. Way, way too many. I still can’t tell you what the 4th dimension was in Spy Kids 4D. I think it might have been the integrity of Jessica Alba and Joel McHale trying to escpae from the shambles of a film before it was too late. It didn’t succeed.

3) Magic Mike XXL

Oh Magic Mike. It’s obvious why the first film made money, but the incredible attractive men were just present during what was actually a well thought out film that had a plot and character development and everything. Well, at least all the basics. It even secured an Oscar nomination. The second one will not. I went to see it with my mum thinking that it would have about the same quantity of male stripping, (or entertaining as they call it), a level which I could bare with a family member present. NOPE. They basically just threw out all ideas of a storyline in favour of more male nudity. I’m not saying it was bad. I’d probably still go and watch it again, but no self-respecting film studio should ever have put money into making and marketing soft porn.

Also, no Alex Pettyfer is a crime.

4) Mission Impossible 4

“Hey I’ve has this really great idea of an action film. It has car chases, really expensive special effects and huge fight scenes! Do you have notes? Ideas about characters or actors or anything?”

“That sounds awesome! But I’m going on my lunch break now so let’s just call it Mission Impossible 4 and see when Tom Cruise is around”

5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford is old now. He does not need to be running around caves, especially not with Shia le Beouf. Imagine how annoying he’d be to go adventuring with. Ford needs a good sit down with a nice pair of slippers and a hearty pie. He does not need a slightly deranged child star ruining his greatest achievement. I’d like to just pretend it never happened although, unfortunately, they’re planning on doing a 5th one, because apparently no one can have an original thought any more.

What sequel do you think should be buried and forgotten?

Katie x