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Newcastle Student Summer Bucket list

It’s May, which means the sun is coming out and, for us students, the books are stacking up fast and thinking about the summer is perfect procrastination. For some, me included *tear*, this is the end of their time in Newcastle, but even between drinking your body weight in trebles and re-painting your stained walls to try and secure the return of that mystical deposit, there’s still plenty of time to squeeze in some of the best sunny day activities that Newcastle has to offer. Trust me, after the last month in the library, the vitamin D will be good for you.

1) Visit the Quayside Seaside

Now this concept baffles me. Newcastle is lucky enough to be located near a plethora of beautiful beaches, easily accessible on the Metro, so why do we need a fake beach in our already stunning Quayside? The truth is, we don’t NEED one, but we still WANT one, and what we want, we get. Despite it not holding a candle to the natural beauty of Tynemouth, the Quayside beach is still some of the most fun you can have on a piece of concrete, although to be honest there isn’t must competition for that title. Relax with a drink and look out over the glorious river or just take a break from all that strenuous Netflix watching you’ll no doubt be filling your days after exams end; and, while it certainly is a just a novelty, it’s something that everyone should experience at least once while in the sunny North East.

2) Picnic in Jesmond Dene

Yes, there are many other beautiful parks in Newcastle that are also acceptable to picnic in, I’m just biased as the Dene is about a minute away from my house and I’m very, very lazy. As well as it’s proximity to my bed, it also boasts plenty of space to eat, a petting zoo and of course, the waterfall, subject of many an Instagram post (including my own). After eating, you could always challenge your pals to a game of rounders, as we all know nothing says friendships like competitively hitting things with a large stick.

3) Spend the day in Ouesburn pub gardens


Tyne Bar is my spiritual home. That’s a fact. I love the beer garden, I love overlooking the river, I love the music events, and most of all, I love that they serve weird ciders and mac n cheese. It’s heaven. But one thing can make it better, all of the surrounding pubs and bars are fantastic too. Most students don’t know about these hidden gems because the rahs are too scared to leave the safety of Osbourne Road and most other people don’t really like walking all the way there but it is just so worth it to spend all day there in the sun. Make sure you also check out The Cluny while you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed.

4) Have a BBQ in your garden

Last year I lived with six girls and one guy, so when we decided to have an end of year BBQ we just assumed that Dave would man up and take charge. We were wrong. Turns out that living with us for a whole year has dried up the man’s primal urge to grill meat, so with much fear and very little confidence the girls took the reins. Two bottles of wine and litre of Pimms later and we sat down in our “garden” (the small patch outside our door) to eat a very successful and delicious meal. The point of this story is that if we can do it, then so can you. And to be honest, if it fails, or if you in fact don’t like waiting two hours for your food, then just put it in the oven and eat it outside. It’s the same thing really.

5) Relax at a festival

From laughing at Jesterval in Gateshead to discovering new local artists at Evolution Emerging, there are festivals for everyone in Tyneside over the summer. Ouseburn Valley is usually packed full of events at this time of year so take yourself, your sunglasses and whichever pals you can drag with you and head down there to hear some music you definitely won’t have heard of, but possibly might enjoy.

What will you be doing this summer? Any other events we should know about?

Katie x

This post is in partnership with Easiliving so if you’re coming back next year make sure you check them out before making that all important housing decision!

5 of the Best: Sequels That Should Never Have Been Made

A while ago I did a post about the five film sequels that I’m dying to see happen and since then one has already been announced, (kind of). However, that got me thinking of all the great films out there that have been ruined by their sequels, and trust me there is A LOT of them as it’s obvious that studios think of sequels as a way to make big bucks without actually putting in any effort to come up with new characters or plot lines. It was pretty hard to cut them all down to a top five but after some serious consideration, here’s what I settled on, for now at least. I’m fairly sure I’ll think of even worse ones tomorrow.

1) Taken 2 

In what world did anyone think this would be a good idea? Taken is such a great film but it did not lend itself to a sequel in any way. The sequel was so contrived that they may as well have just played two hours worth of the producers sat in a room counting their money. And then the money hungry corporate idiots made a third one!! That so few people actually watched I didn’t even know it existed until I saw the DVD in Tesco in last week. Let’s pray that 3 was enough.

2) Spy Kids 2-4 

As a kid I loved spy kids. As in, I loved kids who were spies. Becoming a spy kid was my ultimate goal in life. The Spy Kids franchise was heavily mediocre ,however, nestled somewhere between the clever yet cheesy Agent Cody Banks and the all-round awful Sharkboy and Lava Girl. They steadily declined after the first, and four was definitely too many. Way, way too many. I still can’t tell you what the 4th dimension was in Spy Kids 4D. I think it might have been the integrity of Jessica Alba and Joel McHale trying to escpae from the shambles of a film before it was too late. It didn’t succeed.

3) Magic Mike XXL

Oh Magic Mike. It’s obvious why the first film made money, but the incredible attractive men were just present during what was actually a well thought out film that had a plot and character development and everything. Well, at least all the basics. It even secured an Oscar nomination. The second one will not. I went to see it with my mum thinking that it would have about the same quantity of male stripping, (or entertaining as they call it), a level which I could bare with a family member present. NOPE. They basically just threw out all ideas of a storyline in favour of more male nudity. I’m not saying it was bad. I’d probably still go and watch it again, but no self-respecting film studio should ever have put money into making and marketing soft porn.

Also, no Alex Pettyfer is a crime.

4) Mission Impossible 4

“Hey I’ve has this really great idea of an action film. It has car chases, really expensive special effects and huge fight scenes! Do you have notes? Ideas about characters or actors or anything?”

“That sounds awesome! But I’m going on my lunch break now so let’s just call it Mission Impossible 4 and see when Tom Cruise is around”

5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford is old now. He does not need to be running around caves, especially not with Shia le Beouf. Imagine how annoying he’d be to go adventuring with. Ford needs a good sit down with a nice pair of slippers and a hearty pie. He does not need a slightly deranged child star ruining his greatest achievement. I’d like to just pretend it never happened although, unfortunately, they’re planning on doing a 5th one, because apparently no one can have an original thought any more.

What sequel do you think should be buried and forgotten?

Katie x

5 of the Best: Greatest Sequels Never Made

My early tween-age years were defined by The Princess Diaries and no one was more excited than me when its return was confirmed this morning. Yes, that’s right. PRINCESS DIARIES 3 IS COMING and it’s exactly what the world needs right now. When shows like Game of Thrones beat you down (RIP Jon Snow), Princess Diaries is there, in all it’s cheesy, noughties glory to lift you back up. Admit it, no one can resist the charm of Julie Andrews sliding down some stairs on a mattress. No one. So to celebrate such a delightful day in cinematic history, here are five films that I think deserve a sequel. And I’m not talking about a ‘re-boot’ (read ‘questionable re-make’), I’m talking about a proper sequel.

1) Clueless 2

What happens with Cher and Paul Rudd and their very awkward step-brother/sister, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Is that allowed? Are they still together? What would marriage do to that family dynamic? I want to know! She could even have a whole new love interest. It wouldn’t be the first sequel to just completely disregard the entire romantic plot of the first film  (*cough* Princess Diaries 2 *cough*). Let’s be honest though, you couldn’t do a Clueless 2 set in 2015. Cher flourishes in the 90s. Cher is the 90s, so any sort of sequel would have to go back a few years so we could bask in the glory that is Cher’s wardrobe. Maybe catch up with them just out of college when Cher is entering the real world, using the classic plot point of ‘rich girl learns to get by on her own with her amazing closet’ or maybe a little later when she’s a super successful business woman/works for her father’s company but is still making loads of money, all with an amazing closet. The opportunities here are endless really, they practically write themselves. It really is a travesty that Clueless 2 doesn’t exist already to be honest.

2) Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Is this one actually happening? I think this is actually happening. If it isn’t that it definitely should be. Forget The Avengers for now Marvel and get on this. I LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy for many reasons, Chris Pratt being a rather large one, but I love everything that Marvel have been doing lately. The real seal of approval for Guardians of the Galaxy is that I’ve never heard a bad word said about it. Every single on of my friends has had nothing but praise, and I have a pretty grumpy, hard to please group of friends. If that isn’t a sign that another one is needed asap, then I don’t know what is.

3) A Series of Unfortunate Events 2

There have been 4 Spy Kids movies and yet the adaptation of the genius book series by Dan Handler (aka, Lemony Snicket), was cut short at one measly film. Not cool Hollywood. This may have been because I was one of maybe about 6 fans of the film but I’m standing by it. As a kid I loved the excitement of figuring out where the sneaky Count Olaf would appear next and with 13 books in the series, there’s definitely enough material to make another film. They may need a new cast though, I think Emily Browning is a bit old now.

4) The Goonies 2

I don’t actually understand why this hasn’t happened? It’s a guaranteed money maker. The Goonies is absolute classic and the characters and theme lend themselves perfectly to a sequel, the only issue now is that I’d be scared the ship might have sailed. The 90s would have been a perfect time but there’s a chance it could be too late now. With that said, it’s definitely still possible with the right team of writers and a great cast, they just shouldn’t wait any longer!

5) Zombieland 2

With the popularity of The Walking Dead and post-apocalyptic settings, zombies are the new vampires, something which admittedly put me off Zombieland at first, assuming it was just jumping on the bandwagon, relying on the high status of zombie threats to lift a semi-formed plot and dull characters. Wrong. Zombieland was clever, witty and entertaining. It’s a fantastic film that just happens to feature the living dead, rather than a film defined by that. I have no idea why horrendous films like Warm Bodies are being made while there is a possibility of making a Zombieland 2. Abandon all other zombie-related projects. They’re just not worth it compared to this.

Do you have any suggestions?What sequels would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Katie x

110 Thoughts I Had While Watching the Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale


  1. Yay it’s Monday night and that can only mean one thing! Game of Thrones!!!
  2. It’s starting!! Dun dun du na dun dun…
  3. …did the titles always go on for this long?
  4. Yes I think they did. I’m just more excited now.
  5. No one that important has died yet this series. Tonight is the night!
  6. I hope it isn’t Sansa. Or Jon. Or Arya.
  7. Starks 4 lyf.
  8. The Lord of Light can piss off.
  10. I bet Stannis dies.
  11. Rough few days for Stannis, doesn’t seem like he cares though.
  12. Marrying a Baratheon seems like a bad idea.
  13. Lol cya Melisandre. I hope you get sold into slavery.
  14. Oh Jon Snow you cutie.
  15. He looks so sad. He needs a cuddle.
  16. I hope Sam grows more of a backbone when he goes to Old Town.
  17. His face is just so slappable
  18. Awkward sex joke. Eww

    You own that glare Jon Snow
  19. You go Sansa you strong, independent woman.
  20. Completely forgot that Pod existed.
  21. What have these two been up to? Just sitting there watching Sansa?
  22. Bit weird.
  23. I know Brienne probably has a reason to get involved but I just don’t care enough about her to remember it.
  24. That candle won’t save you now Sansa.
  25. A lot of people are going to die right about now.
  26. Bit outnumbered there Stannis mate.
  27. Horses are basically worth like 3 anyway You should have got some of them.
  28. Oh yeah, you did but they left cos no one likes you
  29. Stannis and Roose Bolton look a little too similar for me to be comfortable with.
  30. Oh yeah Renly. That’s why Brienne has appeared.
  31. I miss Renly

    RIP Renly
  32. Called it.
  33. Bye Stannis. By next series no one will remember you ever existed.
  34. Rare for them to show a bloody, gruesome death
  35. Ramsay is very at home in a field of corpses
  36. Wouldn’t have had him pegged as a great fighter though
  37. Is it just me that would play dead if I was on a battlefield?
  38. Pretty high body count already
  39. Myranda needs to back off Sansa
  40. You need to be pretty messed up to be fighting for the love of Ramsay ‘skin-peeler’ Bolton.
  41. Oh wait. She’s pretty messed up anyway
  42. Oops. Nice work Theon.
  44. I trust that snow drift. I think. Everything will be alright.
  45. Dont know how Arya expects him to answer her questions after she’s stabbed him in each eye and repeatedly in the gut.
  46. Sorry Arya, I love you but your storyline is a little boring right now so I’m finding it hard to care.
  47. Yeah keep stabbing, now he’ll answer.
  48. And now he’s dead.
  49. Bringing the death toll to around 535,983

    Remember how cute she was? I miss this.
  51. Oh shit.
  52. Aww I liked him.
  53. Oh wait he’s back.
  54. Does this mean I can have Rob back.
  55. ‘He was no one.’ So profound.
  56. The lives of two Starks now lie in the balance.
  57. Bet we don’t find out until next series.
  58. Oooh back in Dorne. We’re going everywhere tonight.
  59. Myrcella gets all the pretty dresses. I’d love to try them all on for a day.
  60. Awkwardly long kiss
  61. Please never say ‘pussy’ again Game of Thrones
  62. Loving Trystane is not the same as sleeping with your sister Jaime.
  63. Sorry Myrcella but Jaime has basically just told you that your a ticking time bomb of genetic mishaps. How can you be glad he’s your father/uncle?!
  64. Ooops, doesn’t matter anyway, she’s gone.
  65. Now Jamie is just left on a boat with his dead daughter/niece’s fiancée. Awkward.
  66. Those girls are total bitches. And not even very fit considering one is meant to be the most beautiful woman in the world.
  67. Tyrion doling out some big steaming dollops of truth there for Mr Lothario and Captain Friendzone
  68. I never bothered to learn anyone’s name in Daenerys’s story. Spend too much time learning her 25 names instead.
  69. I love Tyrion in Meereen. I hope he becomes King.
  70. Typing my thoughts whilst reading the subtitles is a struggle.
  71. Called it. All hail King Tyrion.
  72. What an awkward trip Friendzone and Lothario are going to have. Delightful.
  73. Dany was deffo wearing white before.
  74. I love how sassy the dragons are to her.
  75. They literally give zero fucks about what she wants. She needs that. She’s getting a bit too big for her sandals.
  76. Yes Dothraki! Dany was way less of a psycho bitch with the Dothraki.
  77. She would have definitely seen them coming though.
  78. Oh hey Cersei. I forgot you were in prison.
  79. Yeah just keep lying. That’s how you’re gonna get out of it.
  80. I really don’t understand how the all powerful King Tommen has no control over these religious nuts.
  81. Wow such nudity.
  82. That’s probably a body double though, you can’t see her face.
  83. OK that’s not a body double.
  84. This must have been the world’s most awkward scene to film.
  85. Can this stop now I’m feeling very uncomfortable.
  86. She’s still naked.
  87. It’s been 8 minutes now, ok, that’s enough.
  88. Yay a robe.

    She will forever be the Queen of the side-eye
  89. If this guy can bring people back to life, why would he chose the murdering rapist? Stupid Mountain.
  90. Why not Robb?!
  91. RIP Robb. I will never forget you.
  92. Oh that’s where the Witch Bitch ended up.
  93. HANDS OFF JON. Don’t you dare sacrifice him!
  94. Seems like a weird time to bring up Benjen.
  95. Does anyone even remember Benjen?
  96. Wait, what?
  97. This can’t be for serious?
  98. No.
  99. NO!
  101. Ollie you little dick!!!
  102. George RR Martin you little dick!!
  105. I guess only 0.5 Starks died this series, which is an improvement.
  106. Although we don’t know what happened to Sansa and Arya.
  107. So somewhere between 0.5 and 2.5 Starks died.
  108. Standard.
  109. It’s getting to a point now where I’m quite scared that I might be the next to go.
  110. Anyway, only 42 weeks till season 6, just enough time for me to forget and then willingly experience this pain all over again.

    How could they do this to me?!

Katie x