What Does It Mean To Conceal Your Tattoo?

Tattoo cover-up is the process of tattooing a previously undesired tattoo with a new tattoo. It is considered to be one of two ways to remove an undesired tattoo. The other option is laser removal. Poorly applied, tarnished, or light-coloured tattoos are the easiest to cover up and can only be concealed with the same or darker ink. A light ink is seldom used to remove the previous tattoo before progressing with the cover-up. Cover-ups could hide the old ink with a new and unique design, or it could include portions or the entirety of the existing ink.

Some clever ways to cover up a tattoo

People get tattoos because they desire to display them. The human body is a beautiful canvas, and tattoos are a product of art. But, sometimes, there is a requirement to hide those tattoos. Be it for a job interview or any formal event you can conceal the tattoos whether you can to cover up your finger tattoos or tattoos on your face, neck, or any exposing area. The ways are –

  • You can use scarves to cover up a tattoo on the neck or chest.
  • If your tattoo is on your hands or legs, you can pull down your sleeves or wear clothes with full sleeves and long length bottoms respectively.
  • You can use an ace bandage to hide your wrist or ankle tattoo.
  • You can also use makeup to cover a tattoo on your face or anywhere on the body.
  • You can also use jewellery to hide the tattoo on your neck, chest, ankle or fingers.
  • You can also cover up your tattoo with cosmetic or laser treatment. 

What is tattoo removal laser treatment?

It breaks up the pigment of colours with the light beam of high intensity. Black tattoo orpiment consumes all laser wavelengths, making it easier to use. The processing of other colours can only be performed with a laser selected according to the colour of the pigment. The sessions needed to remove the tattoo is based on various elements such as – skin colour, the region on the body, colour and amount of the ink and scarring.

It is vital to consult your doctor before taking any step towards tattoo removal. You must go to an experienced person for removing your tattoo as it is dependent on your overall health.

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