Sandals are among the oldest types of footwear that were created to adorn our feet. It is identified as an open shoe with a sole held to the wearer’s foot by straps running over the instep and around the ankle for a better fit. There are different types of sandals to complement that overall look and feel of your outfit.

You have to consider a variety of factors when making a choice on women’s sandals such as; your leg size, color, or brand. In this article, we will review the different types of sandal styles available to provide you with insight for that next purchase.

Types of Women’s Sandals

As a footwear choice, sandals provide our feet with a relaxed and cooling effect as an alternative to closed shoes. Having a pair in our wardrobe provides assurance on the variety of clothes you can wear.

  1. Wedge sandals – This style of footwear is more stable and comfortable compared to heeled shoes. They are made with an incline like a platform shoe or lower at the front similar to heels. Wedges provide a great solution as office casual wear that can be won either day or at night.
  2. Flat sandals – Considered the most common in many women’s wardrobes, this type is not only comfortable but also offers versatility. They come in a variety of styles and colors with a buckle or straps for fastening or slipping on.
  3. Flip flops – These are the most common type of sandals owing to their flexibility both at home and outdoors. This footwear is also easily styled with most types of clothing such as; shorts and short dresses. The quality depends on the type of material used that can either be plastic or rubber.
  4. Gladiator sandals – This style of sandals offers a retro and fashionable look. The gladiator consists of a sole and strapped shaft. They are fastened to the leg using straps running through eyelets. This stylish footwear complements casual dresses giving you a comfortable and stylish outlook.
  5. Sports sandals – This is a rugged type of sandal that has a comfortable sole with adjustable straps for the best fit. They can be worn both at home and outdoors owing to their waterproof qualities and comfortable sole fit for running and walking.
  6. Slides – Crafted with a wide strap or multiple narrow straps that run over the bridge of the foot behind the toe area, this type of footwear should fit you perfectly. They are a great choice of casual wear since they have nothing to hold at the heel to give you that relaxed feeling.


Sandals don’t have to be relegated to your wardrobe until the warm season comes around. You can style your sandals and clothing all year round by learning which style complements specific clothing types. The best women’s sandals are stylish, and impressive and balance your apparel for a timeless and fashionable look. With the variety available, and armed with the information on the different styles, you will get a better return on your investment.

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