Create the Ideal Sporty Dress Shirt

Before we begin, it is vital to realize that, unlike other clothing like as coats and jeans, the easiest way to get a proper fit with a dress shirt is to buy the appropriate shirt from the start. Because alterations are expensive when compared to the cost of a shirt, it’s advisable to get your shirts made-to-measure or custom if you have fit issues. Because these choices are far less expensive for shirts, even men on a tight budget will be able to locate or bespoke shirt maker that fits their budget. Regardless of the choice you select, the final fit and style selections will have a significant influence on the overall appearance. People commonly refer to the “ideal fit” as if it was a single objective norm, but it actually consists of a number of subjective factors. The first step is to figure out what kind of fit and appearance you want.

Ask any male athlete – professional, student, or the fitness-conscious guy – about their experience buying dress shirts, and you’ll get a similar, irritated reaction. Although the exact words used to express their dissatisfaction vary, the general agreement is that off-the-rack dress shirts just do not fit individuals with an athletic physique. The problem is that huge manufacturers are mass-producing dress shirts for the people, and regrettably, the athletic physique does not represent the majority of men. These major brands only provide two fit options: “The Standard” and “The Slim.” The standard athletic fit dress shirts may suit an athletic guy in the upper body but does not taper in at the waist.

The Slim fit is another popular choice. The Slim fit has a streamlined cut across the waist and midsection, but little to no space in the upper body. If you have an athletic build, the dress shirt will be too snug in the chest, shoulders, and arms. Slim-fitting shirts are notorious for causing considerable pain, with buttons breaking off and elbows ripping through the dress shirt after only a few wears.

All of these issues are solved by the Athletic fit dress shirt, which has greater leeway in the upper body, somewhat lower arm openings, and an impeccably fitted waist. When tucked in, darts in the back draw the fabric in, avoiding billowing and superfluous fabric. This Athletic fit is designed to be tight and flattering to the “V” body shape. In addition, our shirts include 4-way stretch, allowing the dress shirt to be worn tight to the body while also giving comfort for everyday motions.

Young males who believe that tighter is better choose this very slim or tiny fit. In reality, this fit is marked by a lot of wrinkles; therefore you should avoid it unless you have a very slim physique that warrants it. Skintight shirts are not a flattering option for anyone, and they severely limit your range of motion. If you want classic men’s style, you should avoid this fit. You’re looking for an Athletic Fit Dress Shirt that fits you precisely, and you’ll find it right now. Designers will create a made-to-measure shirt that will be your most comfortable dress shirt because you are a muscular man.

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