Ways To Darken And Shape Your Eyebrows Perfectly

There are many beauty supply products that can enhance the eyes and face of people who love to add more attraction to their facial features. Eyes are the key features in any face that draw first attention when people meet. There are many ways in which people can improve or showcase their eyebrows and one such way is by trying eyebrow tint.

There are many ways in which people can make their eyebrows appear fuller and more defined. One of such is microblading. Though both eyebrow tinting and microblading do the same thing, they are two different techniques.

The Procedure of Microblading

Microblading is as if people are getting a tattoo. In this process, the artist will tattoo small hair-like lines making them look real. After the complete application, the eyebrows will look thick, full, and even darker. Here the artist will apply a pigment below the skin as if he is tattooing.

Before the start of the application, the customer has to give full details on how they want their eyebrow shape and color to look. In the starting stages of the healing process and in the middle the color may appear too dark and too light respectively. But once the eyebrows are completely healed, they will show the desired results.

The Procedure of Eyebrow Tinting

In Eyebrow tinting, the focus is on enhancing the natural eyebrows instead of adding new ones. This is very affordable and temporary. Hence people who want to define their eyebrows but are not looking for a permanent solution like microblading can apply eyebrow tint to their already present eyebrows.

In this method, they will apply a semi-permanent or permanent hair color on the eyebrows making them dark. If they apply and keep the dye for a longer time, the brow will appear to be darker and vice-versa.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tinting

  1. For tinting the eyebrows it will hardly cost $30 dollars which is affordable.
  2. The time it takes to apply eyebrow tint will be around 20 minutes which means it is not that much time taking activity.
  3. The process is temporary and hence when the person doesn’t want dark eyebrows they can stop the process and once they are comfortable they can again go for a tinting session.
  4. For people who have very light eyebrows, this is very helpful. They don’t have to spend time and effort highlighting their eyebrows every single day of their lives.

Other natural ways for dark eyebrows

  • People can even apply brow henna that does the same work but the thing is it doesn’t last long and it takes an hour for the henna to set in.
  • One super-duper DIY for tinting is applying coffee and honey mixture and leaving that to settle for 20 mins. This is a natural remedy but it won’t last long as well.


Eyebrow tinting is where people apply semi-permanent or permanent dye to make their natural eyebrows darker and more attractive. Microblading or tinting is for shaping, defining, and enhancing the eyebrows to make them look more captivating than they already are. As eyebrow tinting is a pain-free process many people opt for that then microblading even though it is permanent to some extent.

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