What You Must Know Before Starting Athletic Wear Wholesale?

Here are the 6 most important things you need to know before choosing any supplier to wholesale athletic wear. How to be a profitable athletic apparel bulk buyer, can’t decide international or domestic athletic wear wholesalers to choose and not sure which types of athletic clothing to get, here are the best answers for you, just read on!

Is it profitable to wholesale athletic clothes and sell them?

Yes, of course. When you wholesale athletic clothes from manufacturers or factories, you only need to pay each piece at a price as low as 1$ or $2. But when you sell them out from your store, the average price can be over $20 or $30. Isn’t that profitable!

And globally, the athletic apparel wholesale market is predicted to experience significant growth. Because of the growth in eCommerce, a growing middle-class population, economic growth, growth in the youth population, and increasing participation in fitness activities and sports.

More and more people are buying activewear, athletic clothing, casual wear from both online stores and physical boutiques. Not only you can sell wholesale athletic wear at a higher price, but also you can sell them to all men, women, and kids.

So it’s the right time to start an athletic clothing business, catch the time, and do not miss the huge benefits!!!

Who will buy your bulk athletic wear in UK, Canada, and Australia?

Nowadays athletic apparel is broken down into two broad categories. There is the gear that is intended to be worn to the gym and while working out, and there are the garments that are designed for specific activities, such as team sports, running, etc.

So your customer can be an athlete, can be fitness or a gym or a certain sporting activity lover, and can be some sports teams or clubs. Athletic clothes are designed to ensure comfort and maximize the range of motion for the wearer. It is often made from fabrics that regulate temperature and wick moisture away from the wearer’s skin. It’s suitable to wear for everyone in daily life.

Why not choose dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the process of selling products directly to customers without inventory. Drop shipper needs to rely on third-party suppliers to receive orders and send products directly to customers. To do drop shipping athletic wear business, there is no need to pre-purchase inventory and manage inventory. You aren’t actually paying for the athletic apparel until they’re sold.

But the downside is the price. If you choose to do dropshipping for your athletic wear business, you can’t get much margin. The third-party supplier will take out most of your profit, you can only earn $3 to $5 per purchase. That is too bad for your business unless you can get tons of orders every day. However, if you already get a vast number of orders, why not wholesale clothing directly by yourself?

So wholesale athletic wear is still the better business model, enough inventory can make you are fast response, fast shipping, and self-confident in selling, relying on the third-party to deliver your orders is very risky for athletic wear startups.

What types of athletic apparel to wholesale for boosting sales?

Sports bras

A sports bra is the most essential athletic gear for women. They are usually tighter than regular bras. Hence, providing support to saggy breasts during a high-intensity workout, running, or playing an outdoor sport.

Tank tops

A Tank top is less like a top and more like an undershirt worn by men and women both. Tank tops have large neck holes and armholes to ensure durability and performance on the go. As they are made of breathable fabric, they do not allow the sweat to reside on the body’s surface during an intense workout session.

That is the main reason why many women and men choose to go with tank tops during intense workout sessions.


Racerbacks are known for their unique shape. They are sleeves and round from the shoulder blades. The unique shape and fabric of the racerbacks ensure comfortability to both men and women both. Most of the men and women wear it while competing in marathons and races. The biggest flex of wearing a racerback is that a runner can show off his shoulder cuts and strong muscles while running or working out.

What’s better is that your buyers can wear it at the gym and analyze which part of the upper body needs improvement. Even though racerbacks are worn by both, men and women, they are exceptionally good for women as they provide the ease to exercise with utmost comfort.


With the popularity of sweat shorts for women, all health-conscious women are seen wearing shorts to gyms and fitness clubs. They are as comfortable as sweat pants except they are made of high-quality fabric that dries up as soon as the workout ends. It is ideal sportswear for the summer season. They are a good alternative to mesh and nylon shorts.

When you like an outdoor sport or love doing home-workouts, sweat shorts are ideal sportswear for both men and women. They are made of light-weight and breathable materials like sweatshirt fleece and French terry- perfect fabric to absorb all the sweat. In addition to that, they are exceptionally flexible- making them the perfect gym gear.


Although they are not as popular as Bermuda shorts and capri pants, they are good for men and women who want an alternative to yoga pants. Sports leggings are often high-waisted and extend to your knees or ankles. They are made with durable and water-repellent fabric to absorb all the moisture and sweat from your body. Running leggings fit tightly to your skin, just like a second skin. Not only do they provide additional support to your muscles but also improves leg posture and blood circulation.

Overseas athletic wear wholesalers or Domestic athletic wear wholesale suppliers, which to choose?

There are overseas athletic wear manufacturers and domestic athletic clothing wholesalers for you to choose. Which one is better? The fact is, no better one, there is only the one fitting your need much more. For you to choose the international companies or the local suppliers, it depends on your budget level, your timeframe, and your customization requirement.

If you care more about the customizing ability and want to wholesale at a cheaper price and can wait for the bulk order for 2 to 3 weeks, apparently the Chinese athletic wear manufacturers or wholesale suppliers are better choices. They are offering lower-cost clothing manufacture service and they are spending more time to ship the clothes to you.

If you are in a hurry to find one athletic apparel supplier and do not have too much customization need, you can just pick up the athletic wear wholesaler near you most. They are much faster to deliver your order with manufacturing simple styles of athletic clothing.

Wholesale unbranded or branded athletic wear from distributors?

When you begin the athletic wear business, sell branded or unbranded clothing, which is better? The answer is you should custom-made your own branded athletic clothing. Do not sell the very-known branded clothing or sell the totally unbranded clothing. Your better option is to sell the private label branded athletic clothes. So you can have your own brand to promote and you don’t have to pay much money to buy the branded apparel from famous sportswear companies.

What is the private label? Private labeling is when you put your logo and brand on a generic product. This differentiates your product from similar competitors and retailers. With wholesale private label athletic clothing, you will have complete control over your business. You build a unique brand, which is critical for strong marketing and customer retention. Customers are loyal to brands, not products. Your private label can build customer loyalty and repeat business. You also have control over your price and position within the market.

One of the highly-recommended private-label athletic wear manufacturers is Berunwear sportswear wholesale supplier. It’s a Chinese clothing factory with more than 15 years of history. Supply customization, manufacturing, and private label services offer bulk clothes include activewear, athletic wear, gym wear, fitness apparel, sports team uniforms, yoga apparel, and so on. If you are about to wholesale athletic wear, you can send Berunwear.com an inquiry. Their Moq, Lead time, and Shipping services are very attractive to small companies and startups.

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